Connect 2 Conserve: A Website Dedicated to Conservation

Our newest story "Geography of Conservation Spending, Biodiversity, and Culture" showcases how the cultural values of a country can have a large impact on their desire to implement conservation efforts.
Connect 2 Conserve is a special project from AGS and IFAW that focuses on connecting the geographical and geospatial impacts of wildlife conservation efforts worldwide. We encourage you to engage in the open discussions on the Making Connections page or be featured on Faces of Conservation.

AGS GeoBadges

GeoBadges is a project convened by the American Geographical Society that aims to help teachers across the United States leverage the power of project-based mapping activities to drive student learning. 

Changing of the Guard

Long standing councilors, John Gould and Jerome Dobson will step down from the Chairman and Presidential positions at the American Geographical Society. To warm their seats will be Christopher Tucker and Marie Price who are taking the Chairman and President roles, respectively. AGS counts on keeping Gould and Dobson involved and look upward into the future. Read more on "Changing of the Guard."

American Geographical Society Awards 2016 Council Fellowships

AGS announced the recipients of the AGS Council Fellowships to support student research. Debangana Bose, who is a Ph.D. scholar at the Department of Geography at The Ohio State University, Columbus and Rakhee Kewada, who is a Ph.D. student at City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate Center.

Bowman Expedition in Honduras

Twenty-three Years of Participatory Research Mapping in Honduran Muskitia: Katainasta Communities Map a New Type of Indigenous Territorial Jurisdiction. Get updated from AGS President Dr. Jerome Dobson on our blog!

August 25, 2016 - Map of the Week, News and Information

Map of the Week: Population Growth by Age Group

"The U.S. Census Bureau’s July 1, 2015, population estimates revealed significant differences in population growth by age group, highlighting major impacts of population aging since 2010. There were also differences in state-by-state population growth. For example, more than half of states report... Read more...

July 27, 2016 - Map of the Week, News and Information

Map of the Week: Average Height of People Around the World

Which countries are home to the world's tallest men and women? How about the smallest? How do the height of folks in developed nations compare to those in non-developed nations? The following map created based off of a study conducted by the Imperial College of London answers all these questions and... Read more...

July 20, 2016 - Map of the Week, News and Information

Mapping Zika Virus in Real-Time

How is Zika Virus impacting the United States? In the midst of climate change, the Zika virus has been able to spread to areas it has never reached before. Included is the United States. Recently, NBC Washington published a real-time map of cases of the Zika Virus across all 50 states. Utilizing t... Read more...