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"Exploring Arctic Diversity by Hitting the Road: Where Finland, Norway, and Russia Meet" by Julia Gerlach and Nadir Kinossian

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GeoPlunge® offers a great way to help children learn about United States’ geography while simply having fun. It is a game for all ages, from first graders to senior citizens.

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Here's our newest sneak peak article titled "The Geography and Area Studies Interface from the Second World War to the Cold War"  by Ishan Ashutosh

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The “Geo for All” initiative was created to ensure that students from economically poor backgrounds worldwide will be able to get geospatial education (without the need for high cost proprietary GI software), by having access to having free and open GIS software.

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Check out this week's Connect to Conserve article titled What Phenology Is Telling Us About Spring 2017 written by Iman Lynn Mamdouh

March 16, 2017 - Map of the Week, News and Information

Losing Their Best and Brightest

Which countries are losing their highly educated? Commonly referred to as a "brain drain," there is a global worry that countries which lose their highly educated also suffer in their development (OECD). This human capital issue can then be potentially destructive to many developing nations, so whe... Read more...

March 09, 2017 - Map of the Week, News and Information

Do You Think You Know Your Pies?

How many digits of pi can you name? Alternatively, how many types of pie can you name? This week's map will help you with the latter, but this link could help out with the former. Both will go a long way in preparation for Pi Day, March 14 (3/14). In this week's pie-inspired map, we take a look ... Read more...

March 02, 2017 - Map of the Week, News and Information

Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Sector

In October 2016, new data revealed that global Carbon Dioxide concentration had passed 400 parts per million in the atmosphere for the first time. This number is troubling, and has plagued the minds of environmental scientists, climate activists, and governments alike. While the Paris Agreement –... Read more...