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Geography 2050
November 19-20, 2015
New York City


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UBIQUE, meaning everywhere in Latin, is one of the oldest phrases tied to AGS. UBIQUE is designed to be a place where affiliates can learn about all of AGS’s endeavors, and have a chance to participate in meaningful discussion on current events. UBIQUE includes society happenings, Council news, a Calendar of upcoming events, as well as Book Reviews and Op-Ed sections that are interactive with our affiliate base.



For more than 160 years, the American Geographical Society has been working to harness the power of human exploration and geographic inquiry to enhance policymaking, scientific research and public education.


We are proud to be the oldest organization in the United States focused on geography and we are excited to drive innovative programming – together with our members and partners – that helps put geography to work in the 21st century to shape a better future for all people and for our planet.


Prof. Jerry Dobson, AGS President
Geography 2050 Inaugural Event
Novermber 19, 2014

A large portion of the work at AGS takes the form of Research and Special Projects. Since its founding in 1851, original research has been a distinguishing hallmark of AGS. Every year AGS participates in research studies either as the primary organization conducting the research or as a supporting organization of research under the direction of an AGS member or an AGS affiliated organization. In addition to original research, AGS has a commitment to supporting special projects such as conferences, lectures, publications, and other projects that help AGS fulfill its mission.

A handy interactive hub providing quick and easily accessible information on all things geography!



A range of fun facts, games, maps, news and tools are available to enhance geographical learning in a new exciting way.



Whether you’re a student, educator or geographical enthusiast, ‘Resources’ gives you an opportunity to discover new ways to think about the world, provides helpful links to online tools and aims to further develop your geographical knowledge base.

Since its founding, affiliates of AGS have always been made up of a wide spectrum of professionals involved in business, government, public-policy formation, science, and education.  This diverse affiliation has caused AGS to have a broad and comprehensive perspective on geography and how geography affects public policy, national security, and human well-being worldwide. 


This focus means that discussions at AGS events, projects undertaken by AGS scientists, and dissemination of information from AGS tend to have a real-world practical tone.  Affiliations are individual and institutional based.  It is with this global perspective that we invite professionals interested in an inclusive definition of geography to join us.