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Bowman Expedition in Honduras

Twenty-three Years of Participatory Research Mapping in Honduran Muskitia: Katainasta Communities Map a New Type of Indigenous Territorial Jurisdiction. These tools are helping empower the citizens of Honduras.

GIS Technologies to Stop Poaching 

Developments in GIS data capture, using handheld devices, satellite imagery, and drones, are empowering governments and conservation organizations to more effectively fight for species survival. Here are four recent examples of GIS technologies being implemented to stop poaching.

American Geographical Society Announces New Councilors

Dr. Robert S. Chen of Columbia University and author and strategist, Dr. Parag Khanna are the newest members of the AGS Council!

AGS is newly offering "Sneak Peaks" at Articles from the Geographical Review through Interviews with the Authors!

This preview helps readers understand what practical impacts these studies have, hear from the authors themselves, and discover the interesting findings these studies provide! To access the full articles, become an AGS affiliateand get free online access!

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A hub for all things geographical with links to interactive geography tools and articles that display the diversity of geography today!

UBIQUE Company Spotlights

Companies and organizations who are doing innovative and inspiring geo-spatial and geographically focused work are featured on UBIQUE's Company Spotlight page!

AGS Wishes Farewell to the Summer Scholar-Interns, Elise and Chris!

August 17, 2015 - Map of the week, News and Information

Map of the Week: ISIS Recruits

The map below shows the number of recruits to ISIS from countries around the world. People as young as 15 are being recruited to Syria. ISIS is using video propaganda to appeal to young women. Messages of empowerment and others drive them to feel radicalized and encourage them that they would have a... Read more...

August 06, 2015 - Map of the week, News and Information

Map of the Week: World Tourism Rankings

August is a time for many people to go on vacation. Below is a map of the countries that receive the most tourists every year! Read more...

August 05, 2015 - Map of the week, News and Information

Map of the Week: Current Versus Historic Range of the African Lion

International uproar followed the shooting death of Cecil the Lion by recreational big-game hunter Walter Palmer on July 1, 2015. Poaching and habitat destruction are seriously threatening African Lion (Panthera Leo) populations, with the population decreasing by an estimated 30-50% every 20 years... Read more...