Announcement Date: January 19, 1902

The Samuel Finely Breese Morse Medal was established in 1902. Designed by Laura G. Fraser, this medal recognizes achievements and pioneering in “geographical research.” Samuel Finley Breese Morse was a painter, but also noted inventor. After extensive travel in Europe, Morse invented the first recording telegraph, for which he submitted a patent application in 1837. His system of dots and dashes, equipped with adictionary and words, later was known as Morse Code. After his death on April 2, 1872, the Society was willed funds “for the encouragement of geographical research.”
The Charles P. Daly Medal is awarded to individuals “for valuable or distinguished geographical services or labors.” This medal was originally designed by Victor D.Brenner, but the destruction of the dies caused the medal to be redesigned in 1924 by Brenda Putnam. Charles P. Daly was President of the AGS from 1864 until September 19, 1899. However, during this time he rose to prominence in New York State as a Judgeon the Court of Common Pleas and became Chief Justice in 1871. In 1902, Daly’s willedfunds were used to establish this medal.