Announcement Date: January 19, 1912

A Transcontinental Excursion is arranged and executed by the AGS in 1912. The idea for this excursion was generated by Professor W.M. Davis who, in 1908 “tried the unique experiment of conducting a geographical excursion in Europe, open to students of European and American universities.” In February 1910 he submitted a plan and costestimate to the Council of the American Geographical Society and the Council referred the matter to Mr. Archer M Huntington. Davis considered setting up a committee of American geographers to organize the excursion, and also a committee of European geographers to nominate the foreign members. The Excursion would increase the knowledge of American geography by Europeans and it would promote the acquaintanceof European geographers with Americans. Huntington agreed to become the actual patronfor this project, financing the project on the basis that the excursion should be madeunder the name of the American Geographical Society and that it should be announced as “The Transcontinental Excursion of 1912” in celebration of the sixtieth anniversary of the AGS.