Announcement Date: January 19, 1919

Emmanel de Margerie and Henry Fairfield Osborn were each awarded the Cullum Geographical Medal. Margerie (1862–1953) was a French geographer after whom the Margerie Glacier was named, which he visited in 1913. Henry Fairfield Osborn an American geologist, paleontologist and eugenicist. Fairfield Osborn joined the U.S. Geological Survey in 1900 and became a senior vertebrate paleontologist in 1924. He ledmany fossil-hunting expeditions into the American Southwest.
During both World War I and World War II, the American Geographical Society rendered important services to the Government in connection with the military effort, andmore particularly in the preparation for the establishment of peace. Use was made of themap collections, and forces had been organized to gather and prepare data for use at theprospective peace conference. It was obvious that geography would play a large parttherein, and the headquarters of “The Inquiry” (as it came to be called) were set up at theSociety’s building. The personnel of The Inquiry numbered “some 150 geographers,historians, economists, statisticians, ethnologists and students of government and international law.”