FOCUS on Geography


The American Geographical Society has launched a new all digital version of FOCUS on Geography in the spring of 2016.  We believe this will better serve the needs of our affiliates, subscribers, and the geographically passionate public. The editors of FOCUS on Geography are Deborah E. Popper of the College of Staten Island/CUNY, Wesley Reisser of the George Washington University and Michael Steinberg of the University of Alabama.  The journal will have three distinct features: feature articles, photo essays, and geo-quizzes.


For all issues pertaining to the publication of FOCUS on Geography the editors can be contacted at


Digital FOCUS on Geography is open to article ideas and manuscripts from geographers and those who write geographically. Articles must be excellent in quality, richly illustrated, and written for an informed general audience interested in geographic research and exploration.  FOCUS on Geography provides a space for geographers to showcase their work in a multi-media and interactive format. Unsolicited submissions are welcome for photo essays and feature articles. Review will be by the editorial board with decisions rendered within four weeks from the time of submission.


Please note: All issues prior to Volume 59 are available in hard copy. Volumes 59 and on are available as digital copies.


Guidelines for authors:

Photo Essays – These should be visually rich with approximately 15-25 images and around 1,000 words of accompanying text. Video clips may be included as well. In addition to unsolicited submissions, we also encourage submissions from AGS scholarship winners and Geographical Review authors (where a photo essay in FOCUS accompanies a complimentary research publication in the Geographical Review).  Photo essays should be oriented around fieldwork or a geographic topic of broad interest.  Contact the editors for specific submission guidelines.


Feature Articles – These should consist of approximately 2,500-4,000 words with accompanying visuals consisting of maps, graphics and at least five photos. Additional graphs/charts, and dynamic content such as animations or short video clips can be included. Feature articles can be about a geographic perspective on current events, or can be based on geographic research that is oriented to a broad audience.  Feature articles should contain cited references but should avoid foot and endnotes. Standards for style, formatting and citations should conform to the Geographical Review guidelines.


GeoQuiz – Each issue of FOCUS on Geography will feature an interactive GeoQuiz with about 10 geography questions on a theme. Quizzes will rotate themes to ensure that human and physical geography topics are covered, along with geospatial technology themes or ties. The GeoQuiz will feature accompanying images or interactive content as appropriate. Topics will be developed by the GeoQuiz editor, Wesley Reisser, but unsolicited ideas are welcome and should be submitted to the FOCUS editors at the email listed above.