Honorary Fellowships are bestowed on individuals who have made significant contributions to the field of geography. At the time of the founding of The Society in 1851, provision was made for a category of Honorary Fellows, and, until the first medal was awarded in 1896, this was the only honor the institution could bestow. Many of the Honorary Fellows are some of the most recognized names in geographical and exploration history.

American Geographical Society – Honorary Fellowships

1918 E. C. Andrews
Robert A. Bartlett (Daly Medal, 1925)
Pierre Denis
William Curtis Farabee
Emmanuel de Margerie (Cullum Medal, 1919)
Emmanuel de Martonne (Cullum Medal, 1939)
Marion E. Newbigin
Paul Walle
1919  Morten P. Porsild
Knud Rasmussen (Daly Medal, 1924)
1922   Gunnar Andersson
Charles Raymond Beazley
Jose J. Bravo
James Henry Breasted
Jean Brunhes (Cullum Medal, 1929)
Henry Chandler Cowles
Baron Gerard De Geer
Albert Demangeon
Lucien Gallois (Cullum Medal, 1925)
Guillaume Grandidier
Adolphus Washington Greely (Daly Medal, 1922)
David George Hogarth
Sir Thomas Holdich
Mark Jefferson (Cullum Medal, 1931)
Curtis Fletcher Marbut (Cullum Medal, 1930)
Olinto Marinelli
John Linton Myers
Charles Rabot
Sir Aurel Stein
Jean Tilho
Frederick Jackson Turner
Robert De Courcy Ward
1923   E. Deville
1924 Andre Allix
Edwin R. Heath
Lauge Koch (Daly Medal, 1930)
Paul Le Cointe
Count Byron Kuhn de Prorock
Homer Leroy Shantz
1930  Roberto Almagia (Cullum Medal, 1952)
Henry Bryant Bigelow
Baron Sten De Geer
1930  Carl Ben Eielson
Vernor Clifford Finch
Herbert John Fleure (Daly Medal, 1939)
Julio Garzon Nieto (Daly Medal, 1941)
Alfredo Jahn
William B. Mayo
Henri Francois Pittier
Sir Napier Shaw
Hussein SirriBey
Harald U. Sverdrup
1931 Louise Arner Boyd (Cullum Medal, 1938)
1932   Field Marshall Lord Allenby
Harry Clifton Heaton
1935   Rafael Auguilar y Santillan
Hans Wilson Ahlmann (Cullum Medal, 1950)
Charles Carlyle Colby
Osbert Guy Stanhope Crawford
Carlos M. Delgado de Carvalho (Livingstone Medal, 1952)
Charles Bungay Fawcett
Nevin M. Fenneman
Alexander Forbes (Daly Medal, 1938)
William Archibald Mackintosh
Lawrence Martin
Carl Ortwin Sauer (Daly Medal, 1940)
Camille Vallaux
1939 Ernest Antevs
Henri Baulig (Daly Medal, 1948)
Giotto Dainelli
1939 Sir Wilfred Grenfell
Ludwig Leonhard Mecking
William E. Rudolph (Livingstone Medal, 1959)
Paul Gerhard Schott
Laurence Dudley Stamp (Daly Medal, 1950)
1942 Albert Berthold Hoen
1943 ChristovamLeite de Castro
Manuel Medina
1948 Charles H. Behre, Jr.
Owen Lattimore
John Leighly (Cullum Medal, 1964)
George McCutchen McBride (Livingstone Medal, 1956)
Robert Larimore Pendleton (Livingstone Medal, 1950)
George H. H. Tate
Charles Warren Thornthwaite (Cullum Medal, 1958)
1949 Wofford Benjamin Camp
1952  John Foster Dulles
1956 Jean Gottmann (Daly Medal, 1964)
Stephen B. Jones
Rafael Pico
1958  Felix Cardona Puig
1961 Clarence Fielden Jones
John Ewing Orchard
Robert H. Randall
H. Bradford Washburn
1962 F. Kenneth Hare (Cullum Medal, 1987)
Samuel Van Valkenburg
1963  John Quincy Stewart
Gilbert Fowler White (Daly Medal, 1971)
Georg Wuest
1964 Kenneth C. Cumberland
Arch C .Gerlach
S. V. Kalesnik
 1965  Maxwell J. Dunbar
Peveril Meigs
1966  Waldo R. Tobler (Miller Medal, 1989)
1967 William A. Hance
1968   S. P. Chatterjee
Clara Egli Le Gear
Lionel A. Walford
J. Russell Whitaker
1969 Hans Boesch
Marvin Mikesell
1970 Charles W. M. Swithinbank
Alexander Melamid (Morse Medal, 1991)
1971 Louis O. Quam
Hans Kinzl
1972 Konstantin A. Salishchev
Richard L. Morrill
David Lowenthal (Cullum Medal, 1999)
1973  Meredith F. Burrill
Sir A. Grenfell Price
1974   Marton Pecsi
Evelyn L. Pruitt
1975  Sir Laurence P. Kirwan
Andrew H. Clark
1984  R. W. Richards
1985  Karl W. Butzer
M. Fernand Braudel
Walter Isard
Jerzy Kostrowicki
Sir W. Arthur Lewis
Karl Sinnhuber
1986 Daniel J. Boorstin
Vladimir Mikhailovich Kotlyakov
1987  William Bradley
David H. K. Amiran
1988  William Warntz
1989  Harm J. de Blij
1997    Anastasia Van Burkalow
1998     Dava Sobel

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