Institutional Affiliation

Institutional Affiliation

The American Geographical Society (AGS) is seeking Corporate Partners to help advance the mission of AGS with engagement, guidance and financial support. We also rely on Corporate Partners to help shape the dialogue and focus of our continuing symposium programs as well as other relevant Society endeavors. Corporate Partners play a critical role in ensuring the relevance of Society activities as they address both current issues and future challenges and opportunities.

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Our Corporate Partners will work directly with the AGS Executive Director and the AGS Council. In response to the development of the partnership, AGS will:

  • Engage our Corporate Partners to advance the mission of AGS with the greatest input and direction from a continual dialogue between thought leaders across industry, academia, government, and not-for-profit sectors
  • Create programs and activities mutually beneficial to AGS and our Corporate Partners
  • Establish a promotion and recognition strategy uniquely aligned to the priorities of our Corporate Partners

Institutional/Corporate Affiliation in AGS for one year

  • Inclusion of institutional/corporate logo on AGS Website and Blog
  • Inclusion of direct links from AGS Website and Blog to institutional/corporate website and blogs
  • Courtesy invitation to all Chairmanā€™s Dinners (held in conjunction with Council Meetings and special events)
  • Complimentary registration for all AGS events
  • Courtesy invitation to all Medal and Honor Ceremonies and Receptions
  • Complimentary electronic and hard copy subscription to all AGS publications
  • Preference for sponsorship of AGS events and projects

Please contact Executive Director John Konarski III at for more information on Corporate or Institutional Affiliation.