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The American Geographical Society (AGS) is a 21st century learning society dedicated to the advancement of geographic thinking, knowledge, and understanding across business, government, academe, social sectors, and most importantly with teachers and students. Established in 1851, AGS is the oldest professional geographical organization in the United States.  It is recognized worldwide as a pioneer in geographical research and education for over 166 years.  The mission of AGS is to advance and promote geography in business, government, science, and education. Our goal is to enhance the nation’s geographic literacy so as to engender sound public policy, national security, and human well-being worldwide.  AGS seeks to engage the American public, from its youngest to its oldest citizens, with new and amazing ways to understand and characterize our changing world. The Society maintains its headquarters in New York City.

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Geography Increasingly a Priority for Schools, Employers

More than fifteen years after first hitting the market, the Advanced Placement Human Geography course remains one of the College Board’s fastest growing offerings with nearly 185,000 test-takers in 2016. Experts who have followed the assessment’s yearly double-digit growth say that…read more on

Latest Press Releases

AGS White Paper urges, “There is No Downside to Sustainability”

June 8, 2017 – The American Geographical Society has released a White Paper, A Geographical Framework for Sustainable Development, which offers leaders in the public sector and private enterprise a geographically inspired long-term plan for confronting sustainability challenges facing the planet.


AGS Geography Teacher Fellow Program Brings Teachers to the Forefront of Geography and Geospatial Innovation

April 24, 2017 – The 2nd annual AGS Geography Teacher Fellow Program is once again sponsored by Boundless and brings Geography teachers to the forefront of geography and geospatial innovation with the nation’s thought leaders from business, government, and academic backgrounds.


The American Geographical Society Endorses Council on Foreign Relations’ Report on Arctic

April 6, 2017 – The Council on Foreign Relations,
at its most recent meeting, issued a report “Arctic Imperatives: Reinforcing U.S. strategy on America’s Fourth Coast.” The American Geographical Society, which is one of the original international organizations to support Arctic exploration and research has announced that it is endorsing the CFR report.


The American Geographical Society Awards 2017 Council Fellowships

April 3, 2017 – The American Geographical Society (AGS) has announced the awardees to receive its 2017 AGS Council Fellowship.


2017 Council Fellowship Awardees

The American Geographical Society has announced the four recipients of the 2017 Council Fellowship. Click on the link the recipient’s link below to read about what they plan to do with the Fellowship funds.


Mapathon Held at American Geographical Society’s Fall Symposium

11/10/2016: American Geographical Society Elects New Councilors

10/24/2016: American Geographical Society Announces Mr. William Reilly and Dr. Roger Sayre as the Keynote Speakers for the 2016 AGS Fall Symposium

10/17/2016: American Geographical Society to Award Honorary Fellowships at Fall Symposium

10/12/2016: American Geographical Society to Award Charles P. Daly Medal to Dr. Robert Kates

9/26/2016 The American Geographical Society Names Ms. Allison Hunt, as a 2016 AGS Geography Teacher Fellow

9/19/2016 The American Geographical Society Names 2016 AGS Geography Teacher Fellows

9/19/2016 Selected AGS Geography Teacher Fellows 2016 Press Releases

9/12/2016 American Geographical Society Announces Inauguration of New AGS Junior Service Fellows (JSF) Program

7/15/2016 American Geographical Society Announces the Launch of the New FOCUS on Geography Digital Journal

4/28/2016 American Geographical Society Awards 2016 Council Fellowships

4/11/2016 American Geographical Society Announces Launch of New AGS Geography Teacher Fellows Program

3/10/2016 American Geographical Society Announces Chair-Elect and President-Elect

2/29/2016 American Geographical Society Endorses World Economic Forum Report on Arctic Investment

2/9/2016 American Geographical Society Awards Wrigley-Fairchild Prize


12/9/2015 American Geographical Society Endorses tenBoma Counter-Poaching Initiative

10/26/2015 American Geographical Society Announces Honorary Fellows for 2015 Fall Symposium

10/7/2015 American Geographical Society Announces Keynote Speakers for 2015 Fall Symposium

9/25/2015 American Geographical Society to Award Melamid Medal to Dr. Martin J. Pasqualetti

7/20/2015 American Geographical Society Announces New Councilors

7/14/2015 American Geographical Society Announces Endorsement of the “Geo for All” Initiative

5/20/2015 American Geographical Society Announces Endorsement of State of the Map US 2015

5/10/2015 American Geographical Society Announces New Editorial Review Board for Geographical Review

4/17/2015 American Geographical Society Announces New Editor for Geographical Review

4/10/2015 American Geographical Society Announces Inauguration of New AGS Fellows Program

4/2/2015 American Geographical Society Issues “Call for Proposals” for 2015 Fall Symposium

3/12/2015 American Geographical Society Awards 2015 Council Fellowships


12/2/2014 American Geographical Society Awards Van Cleef Memorial Medal to Dr. Edward Malecki

12/2/2014 American Geographical Society Awards Cullum Medal to Dr. Lee Schwartz

6/17/2014 American Geographical Society Endorses and Commends the Rockefeller Foundation for its “100 Resilient Cities” Initiative

2/20/2014 American Geographical Society Endorses World Economic Forum Report on Arctic

2/27/2014 American Geographical Society Awards 2014 Council Fellowships