Submitting Research and Special Project Proposals

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Submitting Research and Special Project Proposals


AGS Members are encouraged to submit ideas for research and special projects.  AGS will act as prime grantee/contractor or subcontractor depending on the needs of the principal investigator and AGS priorities and commitments.  Since AGS conducts research/and special projects year-round without calendar constraints, proposals will be accepted at any time of the year.  Proposals will be evaluated by the Research and Special Projects Committee of the AGS Council and will receive an evaluation of support potential within one month of submission.

Research undertaken by the Society is funded through grants, contracts or donations, therefore proposals should identify potential sources for funding.  Proposals with strong connections to funding sources will receive priority consideration.


Please include the following information:

Principal Investigator (must be AGS member)
Estimated duration of research/special project
Why AGS should support this project?
Research Problem
Expected Outcome
Funds Requested
Potential Funding Sources

E-mail request to:

American Geographical Society

or mail to:

American Geographical Society

32 Court Street

Suite 201

Brooklyn, NY 11201