The Cullum Geographical Medal

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The Cullum Geographical Medal, was established in 1896 and was the first medal to be awarded by AGS. It was founded by a bequest from Major General George W. Cullum of the United States Army who was also a Vice President of AGS from 1874 until his death in 1892. According to the terms of General Cullum’s will, the medal was to be awarded “…to those who distinguish themselves by geographical discoveries, or in the advancement of geographical science.” The medal was designed by Lydia K. Emmet.


American Geographical Society – The Cullum Geographical Medal

1896 Robert E. Peary
1897 Fridtjof Nansen
1899 Sir John Murray
1901 Thomas C. Mendenhall
1902 A. Donaldson Smith
1903 H.R.H. Duke of the Abruzzi
1904 Georg von NeumayerSven Hedin
1906 Robert Bell
Robert Falcon Scott
1908 William Morris Davis
1909 Francisco P. Moreno
Sir Ernest Shackleton
1910 Hermann Wagner
1911 Jean B. A. E. Charcot
1914 Sir John Scott Keltie
Ellen Churchill Semple
1917 George W. Goethals
1918 Frederick Haynes Newell
1919 Emmanuel de Margerie
Henry Fairfield Osborn
1921 Albert I, Prince of Monaco
1922 Edward A. Reeves
1924 Jovan Cvijic
1925 Lucien Gallois
Harvey C. Hayes
Pedro C. Sanchez
1929 Jean Brunhes
Alfred Hettner
Hugh Robert Mill
Jules de Schokalsky
1930 Curtis Fletcher Marbut
1931 Mark Jefferson
1932 Bertram Thomas
1935 Douglas Johnson
1938 Louise Arner Boyd
1939 Emmanuel de Martonne
1940 Robert Cushman Murphy
1943 Arthur Robert Hinks
1948 Hugh Hammond Bennett
1950 Hans Wilhelmsson Ahlmann
1952 Roberto Almagia
1954 British Everest Expedition
1956 J. Russell Smith
1958 Charles Warren Thornthwaite
1959 Albert Paddock Crary
1961 William Maurice Ewing
1962 Richard Joel Russell
1963 Rachel Louise Carson
1964 John Leighly
1965 Kirtley Fletcher Mather
1967 Peter Haggett
1968 Luna B. Leopold
1969 Neil A. Armstrong
Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr.
Michael Collins
1973 Bruce Heezen
1975 Rene Dubos
1985 Chauncy D. Harris
1987 F. Kenneth Hare
Yi-Fu Tuan
1989 M. Gordon Wolman
1997 Melvin G. Marcus
1999 Jack Dangermond
1999 David Lowenthal
2001 Wilbur Zelinsky
2009 Peter SmithMatthew Henson
2014 Lee Schwartz