Episode Six: Geographers in the Field

July 30, 2020

Join the editor of the Geographical Review Dr. David Kaplan, and guest editors Drs. Kendra McSweeney and Antoinette WinklerPrins as they discuss the latest issue of the journal: Fieldwork in the 21st Century. The editors discuss the future of fieldwork in geography, explore the impacts of COVID-19 on research, and share their own stories from the field.

Dr. David Kaplan is Professor of Geography at Kent State University. His research interests include nationalism, borderlands, ethnic and racial segregation, urban and regional development, housing finance, and sustainable transportation. Dr. Kaplan edits the Geographical Review and National Identities. He served as the President for the American Association of Geographers (2019-20) and Councilor for the American Geographical Society.

Dr. Kendra McSweeney is a Professor of Geography at the Ohio State University. Dr. McSweeney studies how people and forests shape each other. She has worked primarily with indigenous communities in Central America and with forest smallholders in Appalachian Ohio.

Dr. Antoinette WinklerPrins is a human-environment geographer currently serving as the Deputy Division Director of the Division of Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences at the National Science Foundation. Her research has focused on cultural landscapes, livelihoods and environmental knowledge systems, and urban agriculture, especially in the Brazilian Amazon.

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