Andrea D'Amato

Andrea D'Amato

Council Member

Andrea d’Amato, is a certified planner, project manager and business manager with
over 25 years of experience in transportation program management and land use
planning. She received her Masters’ degrees in both Geography and Urban Planning
from the University of Wisconsin. Andrea has held several executive management
positions in both the public and private sectors.

She currently serves as Assistant Secretary for Operational Excellence at MassDOT,
primarily focused on improving operational performance among and between the
Highway, Transit and Registry departments for the Commonwealth. Notable projects
include: streamlining design procurement at the MBTA; creating an integrated transit
and highway construction coordination program “Plan Ahead’ to effectively plan,
manage and mitigate multi-agency construction to minimize disruptions to the traveling
public; streamlining the suspension hearing process at the Registry; and most recently,
developing and implementing a coordinated advanced notification program for the
Chelsea Street Bridge for maritime and roadway users.

On behalf of the National Academies of Science – Transportation Research Board
(TRB) Andrea chairs the Strategic Management, is an Executive Committee member for
Transportation Issues in Major Cities, and co-chairs TRB’s Equity in Transportation
Joint Subcommittee.

Prior to MassDOT, Andrea held executive positions as Chief Planner and Project
Manager for HNTB’s multimodal projects, and Vice President and Northeast
Transportation Manager for Kleinfelder. She was the longest serving Transportation
Commissioner and Chief of Environmental Services in Boston’s history between 1998
and 2004 for the City of Boston. While Commissioner, Andrea served as the former
President of NACTO and co-chair for the European affiliate IMPACTS focused at the
executive levels of municipal government on exchanging data, technology and
operational best practices among large cities.