AGS Council Fellowship


See Previous AGS Council Fellowship Winners:  2017 – 2014


Ms. Katherine Cann George Washington University

Ms. Katherine Cann will use the fellowship award to fund her return to expand on her dissertation Untangling the Roots of the Mangrove Tree: Understanding and Uniting Diverse Stakeholder Interests Towards Successful Co-Management of a Coastal/Marine Protected Area in Panama. Ms. Cann noted, “I am thrilled to receive the 2018 AGS Council Fellowship, which will allow me to continue monitoring the progress of decentralizing conservation in the country. Preliminary results of my master’s thesis research in Pedasí revealed that the community is steadfast in fighting for the protection and right to govern their local protected space. I am looking forward to assisting their efforts working towards an effectual co-management plan for their local coastal and marine protected area on the eastern Azuero peninsula.”


Mr. Christopher Hair University of Southern Mississippi

Mr. Christopher Hair will continue his dissertation, A View from Above: Alternative Perspectives on Small-Scale Indigenous Agriculture in Northern Ecuador.  Christopher stated, “Receiving the AGS Council Fellowship is an incredible honor, and I am very grateful for the support of the American Geographical Society. Studying agrobiodiversity and the methods that are used by smallholders to conserve traditional crops is a true passion of mine. This fellowship will allow me to further my understanding of issues related to food security and food diversity. Receiving this award is a big milestone for me, and it will undoubtedly contribute to my development as a researcher and geographer.”


Mr. Dinuke Munasinghe University of Alabama

Ph.D candidate, Mr. Dinuke Munasinghe, will use the Council Fellowship award to supplement his field research for his dissertation, A Novel Approach to Assess Sediment Fluxes in Mobile Bay, Alabama. Dinuke stated, “I am extremely honored to receive this fellowship from the American Geographical Society and was thrilled to learn of my selection for this award. I am deeply appreciative of the generous support provided by AGS for budding scientists like myself to see the advancement of science.”



Mr. Kuan-Chi Wang University of Oregon

For Mr. Kuan-Chi Wang, the fellowship award will allow him to advance his dissertation study, Border Assemblages: The Political Economy of Regional Vegetable Trade in Asia. In a recent interview with AGS, Mr. Wang stated, “I am incredibly honored and humbled to be selected as a recipient of the 2018 AGS Council Fellowship. I am thoroughly appreciative of the opportunity to advance my academic development and collect data on a new dimension that I have uncovered in the process of dissertation writing. I plan to complete a book proposal during this round of field research with a more fine-grained analysis on the local edamame networks under new food safety regulations.”