AGS Geography Teacher Fellow Update


Due to the ongoing pandemic and to ensure the safety of everyone, this year’s symposium will be hosted online in the form of a multi-platform virtual experience. Being a selected AGS Teacher Fellow, a major highlight is attending the annual symposium at Columbia University in November. At the conference, our teachers are giving a place of prestige and prominence with specially catered events and workshops. Fellows have the opportunity to convene with thought leaders from academia, government, industry, and the social sector to facilitate discussion of the major forces that will shape our planet’s future and how they could in turn transfer that information to a classroom setting. As we cannot offer this in-person opportunity, we have made the hard decision, not to have an AGS Teacher Fellows 2020- 2021 group.

Even though we will not have a new group of Teacher Fellows this year, we have decided to open up this year’s symposium to all high school geography teachers nationwide. We encourage you to join us for the week of November 16th to 20th. This year’s theme will be GEOGRAPHY 2050: The Future of the World Ocean. Registration for all teachers will be complimentary and the new symposium format will have several geography teacher-focused activities you can experience around your class schedule. We will not only have fun activities for the teachers and general information on oceans but also materials that can be used in the classroom both in-person and virtually. Teachers who register and attend these specially curated teacher events would be awarded a micro-credential badge (GeoBadge) that can be used as proof of attendance and also be applied towards professional development credits. Information on registration for Geography 2050 will be provided on the symposium website at

Below is a list of Teacher related activities we have planned for all highschool Geography Teachers worldwide.


Geography Teachers’ Events and Activities

  • AGS Mapping Bootcamp Into Class————————————————September 8 and 10, 2020
  • AGS Mapping Bootcamp – Class 1—————————————————September 17, 2020
  • AGS Mapping Bootcamp – Class 2—————————————————September 24, 2020
  • AGS Mapping Bootcamp – Class 3—————————————————October 1, 2020
  • AGS Mapping Bootcamp – Class 4—————————————————October 8, 2020
  • Geography 2050 Fall Symposium—————————————————–November 16-20, 2020
  • Geography Teachers’ Workshop——————————————————-TBD

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