AGS Junior Service Fellows

AGS Junior Service Fellows

Do you know any high school students who are taking (or have taken) the AP® Human Geography course? If so, let them know they are now eligible to become an American Geographical Society Junior Service Fellow!

These students have chosen to master collegiate level human geography while still in high school, where they will learn the core geographical concepts that serve as the foundation for a lifetime of geographical learning, public service, and professional success. In doing this, they have self-selected in to our global geography community. In creating the AGS Junior Service Fellows (AGS JSF) category, the AGS seeks to provide these students with a global platform that will empower them to leverage the power of their geographical scholarship to make the world a better place through public service.

It can be done in 5 EASY STEPS:

1) First, a student must have matriculated in to AP® Human Geography.

2) Each student must earn at least one GeoBadge, from the following list, demonstrating a practical set of geographical skills: OSM Editor, OSM Surveyor, GeoAcademy (multiple), MapStory Editor, MapStory StoryTeller, Mapillary Adventurer, or GeoPlunge Coach.

3) Once the GeoBadge is earned, the students can become an AGS Junior Service Fellow by paying a ONE TIME $20 enrollment fee, by clicking here.

4) To remain in “Good Standing” as an AGS JSF, each student must undertake at least 10 hours of public service ANNUALLY through geographical activities identified by the following GeoBadges (

5) If, at the end of the AP® Human Geography, the student scores a 3, 4, or 5 on the AP® Human Geography exam can go to and register for the “Collegiate Human Geography” badge, uploading evidence of his/her test score. This accomplishment will lead the student to earn the status of “AGS Junior Service Fellow – With Distinction.”

Public Service Through Geography: A student’s AGS Junior Service Fellow status is effective until they graduate college, assuming they remain in “Good Standing” through the regular performance of 10 hours of public service through geography, annually. There are many ways to continue

YouthMappers: Support to youth geography education through the establishment and operation of YouthMappers chapters, and support to their mapping activities. Over 100 YouthMapper chapters have been established worldwide.  More at

CrisisMappers: Support to any crisis through myriad mapping-related activities recognized by the CrisisMappers community, such as participation in Humanitarian OpenStreetMap ( Annually, thousands of CrisisMappers contribute their time to help in crisis response and recovery through mapping.

MapStory: Support to libraries, museums, government agencies, community organizations, and educational institutions by contributing new geographical data and stories to the global data commons via

GeoPlunge: Help establish and/or coach GeoPlunge teams and tournaments in your community.  More at

NOTE: This list is always growing, with new opportunities to give back to your community through geography inspired public service.

*To mail in your registration payment for AGS JSF, fill out the form associated with the mail in version by clicking HERE.

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