American Geographical Society Announces Inauguration of New AGS Junior Service Fellows (JSF) Program

American Geographical Society Announces Inauguration of New AGS Junior Service Fellows (JSF) Program

Description: The American Geographical Society has inaugurated the “AGS Junior Service Fellow” program that helps provide AP® Human Geography students with a global platform that will empower them to leverage the power of their geographical scholarship to make the world a better place through public service.  

 [New York City, NY] – [September 12, 2016] — The American Geographical Society (AGS) announced today the launch of its “AGS Junior Service Fellow (AGS JSF)” program.

This new program is geared towards involving high school students who demonstrate a desire to increase their geographical awareness as they become better global citizens. AGS JSF will help foster and mature a student’s core geographical knowledge while providing a firm foundation for geospatial concepts, public service, and professional success.  The program will also give high school students an important activity to add to their college applications that shows serious commitment to service and the recognition of the importance of geospatial thinking as they develop their careers.

High school students who have achieved a 3 or higher on the Advance Placement ® (AP) Human Geography exam are eligible for the program.  AGS JSF provides a fun and constructive opportunity for Junior Service Fellows to enhance their geographic knowledge and skills. Students will have the opportunity to remain a part of the AGS Junior Service Fellow community until they graduate from college, assuming they remain in “Good Standing” through the regular performance of 10 hours/year of public service through the many opportunities they will have through the program.

“While many observe a general decline in geographic knowledge in the United States, this enormous (and growing) cohort of students is self selecting in to a collegiate level Human Geography course while still in high school.  We at the AGS are proud to create this Junior Service Fellow affiliation, and a program of engagement that will provide these students a global platform for pursuing their academic and professional aspirations, while also applying their knowledge to public service,” noted Dr. Christopher Tucker, AGS Chairman.  “As they engage in public service through geography, we believe that this huge community of students will help transform how every American citizen thinks about geography.”

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