American Geographical Society Announces Launch of New Digital FOCUS on Geography

American Geographical Society Announces Launch of New Digital FOCUS on Geography

Description: The American Geographical Society announces the launch of the new FOCUS on Geography digital journal.

[New York City, NY] – [July 15, 2016] — The American Geographical Society (AGS) announces the launch of the new digital FOCUS on Geography (, continuing in the tradition of the original paper magazine, but in a more dynamic and interactive format. Dr. Marie Price AGS President and Councilor and Dr. Antoinette WinklerPrins also an AGS Councilor and Publications Chair, spearheaded the project to transform FOCUS into its new digital format. The new FOCUS is a peer-reviewed digital publication that will include richly illustrated articles and essays from geographers and others who write about geography. Digital FOCUS will begin with Volume 59 and is accessible online immediately. Volumes 1-58 are still available via

The editors of the new FOCUS are Dr. Deborah E. Popper of Princeton University and the College of Staten Island/CUNY, Dr. Wesley Reisser of the George Washington University and Dr. Michael Steinberg of the University of Alabama. The editors will work closely with a new editorial board, geographers from a wide vary of backgrounds and experiences. In addition, all elements of the digital FOCUS on Geography will initially be Open Access, as this format will better serve the needs of AGS Affiliates, subscribers, and the geographically and geo-spatially passionate public. The digital journal has three distinct features: feature articles, photo essays, and geo-quizzes.

“My introduction to the society was through Focus on Geography when I published a paper as a graduate student” says Marie Price, “thus I have always loved the publication. Going to a digital format means we have new tools to tell geographical stories to excite people about what is going on in the world around them.”

Unsolicited submissions are welcome for photo essays and feature articles. Inquiries and submissions can be sent to

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