American Geographical Society Elects New Councilors

American Geographical Society Elects New Councilors

[New York City, NY] – [November 11, 2016] — The American Geographical Society (AGS) announced today the election of Dr. Mark Monmonier, Distinguished Professor of Geography at the Maxwell School at Syracuse University and Ms. Andrea d’Amato, ‎Vice President Transportation Segment Manager at Kleinfelder as the newest members of the AGS Council.

Dr. Mark Monmonier is a Distinguished Professor of Geography at the Maxwell School at Syracuse University.  Dr.  Monmonier has authored 19 books and has written extensively on the use of maps for surveillance and as analytical and persuasive tools in environmental science, journalism, politics, and public administration. Some of his popular books include How to Lie with Maps, Bushmanders and Bullwinkles: How Politicians Manipulate Electronic Maps and Census Data to Win Elections, and Spying with Maps: Surveillance Technologies and the Future of Privacy. His current research focuses on the history of cartography in the twentieth century, and issues of originality and non-obviousness in map-related inventions in regards to patents.  He also developed the Monmonier algorithm which details computer recipes for geographic analysis and map design.

Ms. Andrea d’Amato is a certified planner, project manager and business manager with over 25 years of experience in transportation program management and land use planning. She received Masters degrees in both Geography and Urban Planning from the University of Wisconsin. Ms. d’Amato served from 1998 to 2004 as the Transportation Commissioner of Boston, the longest in states’ history. She has held several executive management positions in both the environmental and transportation fields and is currently the Vice President for Kleinfelder’s Transportation market in the Northeast. Ms. d’Amato is also involved with the National Academies of Science Transportation Research Board (TRB), which is organized around a number of working committees focused on a myriad of transportation issues, interest and innovation.

“AGS is very honored that Andrea and Mark have been elected to the AGS Council” said Dr. John Konarski, Chief Executive Officer of AGS.  “Between them, they bring extensive experience in the use of geospatial technology in a variety of settings…they join a long list of prestigious Councilors who have lead the cause for geography and geospatial science for over 165 years” added Dr. Konarski.

The AGS Council is the governing board of the Society and has been leading the organization since 1851. Some of the nation’s most prominent historical leaders have served on the Council including Henry Grinnell, Seth Low, Isaiah Bowman, Archer M. Huntington, Franklin D. Roosevelt, John Noble Wilford, and many of the leading geographers, business leaders, and political figures throughout the decades.

Established in 1851, the American Geographical Society (AGS) is the oldest professional geographical/geospatial organization in the United States. It is recognized world-wide as a pioneer in geographical research and education in geography for over 165 years. AGS is a 21st century learning society dedicated to the advancement of geographic thinking, understanding, and knowledge across business, government, academe, the social sector, and education. The goal of AGS is to enhance the nation’s geographic literacy so as to engender sound public policy, national security, and human well-being worldwide. AGS is the only organization focused on bringing together academics, business people, those who influence public policy (including leaders in local, state and federal government, not-for-profit organizations and the media), and the general public for the express purpose of furthering the understanding of the role of geography in our lives. AGS provides leadership to frame the national discussion of the growing importance of geography and geo-spatial tools. The Society maintains its headquarters in New York City.

Dr. Mark Monmonier
Ms. Andrea d’Amato