American Geographical Society Issues “Call for Proposals” for 2015 Fall Symposium

American Geographical Society Issues “Call for Proposals” for 2015 Fall Symposium

Description:  The American Geographical Society has announced that it is issuing a Call for Proposals for its 2015 Fall Symposium to be held the 19th and 20th of November 2015.


[New York City, NY] – [April 2, 2015] — The American Geographical Society (AGS) announced today that it is issuing a “Call for Proposals” for the 2015 AGS Fall Symposium to be held the 19th and 20th of November at Columbia University in New York City.  The theme of this year’s Symposium is “Geography 2050:  Exploring Our Future in an Urbanized World”.  Researchers across the country are being solicited to submit proposals for paper and Ignite sessions focused on state-of-the-art research and practice related to urban geography to be presented on the first day of the Symposium.


In 2014, AGS mounted an “Expedition to the Future”, and a topic that prominently recurred through much of the dialog was “urbanization.”  An ever increasing proportion of the world’s population will dwell in urban areas by 2050, even as the world’s total population swells by billions.  The geographies of our urban habitats are poised to change radically by 2050, and the implications of this for local, regional, and global decision makers are significant and paramount to our well-being.  The spatial-temporal processes and patterns that will reshape our cities – and the rest of the planet – are many and interrelated, and will manifest differently in different places over time.  In short, there is no single “urban habitat” and it is imperative that we, as a global society, understand the variety and interconnectedness of the world’s towns, cities and mega-cities as they evolve by 2050.


The AGS Fall Symposium brings together leaders in business, government, academe, and the social sector that might not otherwise have the opportunity to interact, and provide opportunities for discussion, debate, and collaboration to further the understanding of the future of our cities in the context of a changing planet.  “It is great that many organizations have meetings about the future of cities.  The AGS’s Fall Symposium is the only event that will enable thought leaders from every sector to shine a light on the complex set of urbanization processes that will fundamentally reshape our planet by 2050.” said Dr. Christopher Tucker, creator of and Chair of the AGS Fall Symposium.  “Last year’s Geography 2050 Symposium scanned the horizon for the vital trends reshaping the future geography of our planet, and “urbanization” was repeatedly highlighted as a dominant factor.  It is so important that we have added an additional day to specifically look at the latest research on this critical topic” added Dr. Tucker.


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