Apply to be an AGS Council Fellow


The fellowship is open to all student members of the American Geographical Society, both Masters and Doctoral students. Each fellowship is worth $1,500 and four will be awarded in 2022. The AGS Council Fellowships Program considers all proposals concerned with any sub-field of geography. The program encourages but does not require a fieldwork component.

The application deadline is Monday, November 1, 2021.


To be considered, applicants must be current members of the American Geographical Society and enrolled in a graduate or doctoral program.

Proposals should contain the following components:

  • A cover page containing the project name, applicant’s name, position, affiliation, telephone number, postal address, and email address (500-word count).
  • A narrative that outlines the proposed research, specifies the reasons for doing the research by placing it in the context of published work and describes how results will be disseminated (1,500-word count)
  • A bibliography, containing only those items cited in the narrative (500-word count).
  • An abbreviated curriculum vitae emphasizing factors that illustrate the applicant’s competence/experience in the proposed area of research (1,000-word count).
  • A budget (maximum $1,500) itemizing expenses, with a brief justification for each expense category (500-word count).

All proposals are to be emailed to with the subject line ‘AGS Council Fellowship Committee’.

For submission inquires, contact us at