Amy Glasmeier
Councilor Dr. Amy Glasmeier is a professor of Economic Geography and Regional Planning. She runs LRISA, the Lab on Regional
Kate O’Reilly
Councilor Ms. Kate O'Reilly is the owner/executive of an agricultural enterprise in Kansas and a large commercial building in Manhattan.
Mark Safran
At BAE Systems, Mr. Mark Safran is responsible for producing and maintaining geospatial data and cartographic products for use by
Micheal Steinberg
As a professor of geography and environmental studies, Dr. Michael Steinberg has taught at Prescott College, the University of Alabama,
Joseph Wood
Council Delegate
Joseph S. Wood is a geographer whose academic work focuses on the North American cultural landscape. He’s taught at the
Douglas Sherman
Dr. Sherman is a geomorphologist interested in fundamental earth surface processes, especially those involving sand transport by wind and waves.
John Konarski
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. John Konarski is the Chief Executive Officer of the American Geographical Society (AGS).  Before joining AGS in 2013, Dr.
Dean Wise
  Dean Wise joined BNSF as vice president, Network Strategy, in February 2010. BNSF Railway, a Berkshire Hathaway company, is
Antoinette WinklerPrins
Dr. WinklerPrins is a permanent Program Director of the Geography and Spatial Sciences Program at the (US) National Science Foundation.