John Konarski
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. John Konarski is the Chief Executive Officer of the American Geographical Society (AGS).  Before joining AGS in 2013, Dr.
John Noble Wilford
Mr. Wilford is the Senior science correspondent of the New York Times; author: The Mapmakers (1981), The Mysterious History of
Christopher Tucker
Dr. Christopher Tucker manages Yale House Ventures, a portfolio of social ventures and technology companies that span the worlds of
John Gould
Chairman Emeritus, Treasurer
  Mr. Gould is the Executive Vice President and General Counsel of CH Energy Group, Inc.; Former Partner and Member
Marie Price
Dr. Price is a Professor of Geography and International Affairs at the George Washington University where she has taught since
Jerome Dobson
President Emeritus
Jerome E. “Jerry” Dobson is an innovator and popular writer and speaker in the fields of geography and geographic information
William Doyle
President Emeritus
   Retired Vice President, Texaco Inc. and past President, Texaco's Middle East/Far East Division; formerly Vice President of Exploration and
Alexander Murphy
Senior Vice President
Dr. Murphy is a Professor, Department of Geography, University of Oregon; degrees in archaeology (Yale), law (Columbia), and geography (University
Deborah Popper
Vice President
Dr. Popper is a Professor of Geography at the College of Staten Island and Graduate Center of the City University