I Am Geography

…are you?

The AGS is working hard to locate everyone who cares about geography, and to ask them to become a part of the life of the Society. Geography, geographic knowledge, and geographic thinking will only thrive in American society if geographic enthusiasts of all kinds come to find common cause with each other. In this age of digital connectedness, there is at the opportunity for every geographic enthusiast to become engaged with the rapidly growing global community of geographic experts, scholars, students, and industrialists. These days, geography, geographic data, and geospatial tools are used by people of all ages, and in all walks of life. Everyone should be empowered to harness the power of geography to make their lives, their communities, and the world around them a better place. Every person who cares about geography, and who wants to create a world where everyone is geographically literate, can now get involved on the AGS as a national platform. As a member of the AGS, you can help serve as an emissary for geography in your own local community by getting involved in the Society’s strategic initiatives. You may not be a Geographer, yet you still carry a passion for Geography.


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Become a member of the AGS, and let us feature you as part of our “I AM GEOGRAPHY” campaign which will light the path for all of you closet geographers to get involved in making our world a better place through Geography.

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