AGS Council Fellowship


The councilors of the American Geographical Society created the AGS Council Fellowship to support graduate student scholarship in pursuit of geographical knowledge, and especially fieldwork. The fellowship is open to all student members of the American Geographical Society, both Masters and Doctoral students. Each fellowship is worth $1,500 and four will be awarded in March 2021. The AGS Council Fellowships Program considers all proposals concerned with any sub-field of geography. The program encourages but does not require a fieldwork component. We encourage fellowship recipients to publish their results in one of our journals.

The application deadline is Sunday, November 1, 2020. Apply here.



Ms. Xochizeltzin Castaneda Camacho

Ms. Xochizeltzin Castaneda Camacho will use the fellowship award to fund her Ph.D. research, Changes in Forest Cover Patterns and Related Social Effects in Three Protected Areas of Arid Northern Mexico. Upon receiving the scholarship, Ms. Castaneda Camacho said, “Based on the political ecology approach, I am investigating changes in vegetation cover and social composition in three Mexican Protected Areas in the Chihuahuan Desert. Deserts are understudied in comparison to the human tropics and the goal is to understand what is causing vegetation change and their implications. The AGS Council Fellowship award will help me to develop the 2020 summer fieldwork.”

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Ms. Audrey Denvir

Ms. Audrey Denvir's award will allow her to complete her study with the research titled,Avocados Become a Global Commodity: Consequences for Landscapes and People. When asked about her research, Ms. Denvir noted, “My research investigates human-environmental systems of global commodity production, specifically avocados in Michoacan, Mexico, and how they impact local forests and people.”

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Ms. Lauren Fritzsche

Ms. Lauren Fritzsche's fellowship will allow her to advance her dissertation research, Geographies of Exclusion and Belonging: Refugee Resettlement in the United States. “I am honored to receive the AGS Council Fellowship”, said Ms. Fritzsche. “This award will contribute toward my dissertation research in Montana and Louisiana where I examine how changing national refugee policies impact local resettlement practices and the experiences of refugees”, she added.

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Ms. Jennifer Langill

Ms. Jennifer Langill will use the fellowship funds to support part of her initial fieldwork for her project titled, From Opium to Oranges: Intergenerational Livelihood Change in a Hmong Village in Northern Thailand. Ms. Langill stated, “I am extremely grateful to AGS for their support. The Council Fellowship will greatly benefit my dissertation fieldwork in Thailand, where I am researching gendered, generational, and ethnic implications of livelihood changes for highland Hmong populations.”

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