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The American Geographical Society’s (AGS) Geography Teacher Fellows Initiative is a selective nationwide professional development program for Human  Geography Teachers.  The Initiative was started in 2016 as a means to recognize APHG teachers and provide them with a special year to celebrate the unique experiences they give to their geography students.

Each year, the Initiative awards 50 Human Geography teachers the opportunity to participate in a year-long partnership with AGS. During the Fellows’ year in the Geography Teacher Fellows Initiative, they receive an invaluable experience by participating in numerous activities aimed at expanding their knowledge base in geography and geospatial science, as well as by giving them opportunities to interact with other Teacher Fellows and the diverse members of the AGS community.

Program Activities & Events

The AGS Teacher Fellows Program awards 50 Human Geography teachers the opportunity toparticipate in a year-long partnership with AGS. Throughout the year Teacher Fellows:
  • Receive complimentary registration to the AGS Geography 2050 Fall Symposium.
  • Participate in an exclusive Mapathon with TeachOSM (OpenStreetMap) before the Symposium
  • Participate in a day-long Workshop following the Symposium to debrief and learn how to utilize resources from the Symposium in classroom teaching
  • Participate in web mapping webinars
  • Have the opportunity to engage in a Mapping Contest
  • Gain individual recognition through an extensive PR effort which notifies schools and local media of their acceptance
  • Recieve a 1-year complimentary professional level affiliation with AGS; click here to see benefits of affiliation
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Meet Our Geography Teacher Fellows

Apply to be an AGS Geography Teacher Fellow

Applications for the Class of 2019-2020 will open in the Spring. 

TIMELINE (2018-2019)

Spring  |  Webinars

Early Summer  |  Class of 2019-2020 Applications

Late Summer  |  Class of 2019-2020 Announcement of Selections

November 21-22  |  Geography 2050 Fall Symposium


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the AGS HQ:   - or -   917.745.8354


Applicants of the AGS Geography Teacher Fellows Initiative must be an active Human Geography teacher during their term as a Fellow.

In order to accommodate new incoming applicants, the current class (2018-2019) must wait one year to re-apply.  

Returning teachers must be at least one year removed from their previous Fellowship to be eligible to apply for the 2019-2020 Class.

2018 AGS-TeachOSM Great County Mapping Challenge!

AGS has partnered with TeachOSM to bring teachers a structured mapping contest that will integrate open mapping as a teaching technique and help teachers connect APHG content with geospatial practice. This contest is open to all AGS Geography Teacher Fellows and their students of different open-mapping experience levels. Coaching available during the contest to refresh your OSM skills. There are multiple cash prizes, with a $500 grand prize for the first place team!

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Program Sponsors and Contributers

The AGS Geography Teacher Fellows Initiative is made possible through the generous contributions and volunteer efforts of our sponsors and contributors. Click on their logos to go directly to their sites.

Corporate Angels

Thank you for your interest in the AGS Geography Teacher Fellow Program.

You can contact the AGS office directly with any questions regarding the AGS Geography Teacher Fellows Initiative.
Phone:  917.745.8354.