AGS 2019 Fall Mapathon- Mapping St. Augustine, Trinidad

Join the AGS Fall 2019 Mapathon:  Mapping St. Augustine, Trinidad

Start the school year with a first-of-its-kind collaborative mapathon with students and faculty of the University of the West Indies – St. Augustine Campus in Trinidad. You and your students will be mapping areas vulnerable to flooding and helping to create a complete map of buildings in Trinidad. This is a unique opportunity we’re offering to ALL of our Geography Teacher Fellows (current and past) and we look forward to your shared enthusiasm and contributions.

In collaboration with TeachOSM, and The University of the West Indies – St. Augustine Campus, AGS will conduct a distributed mapathon during the Fall semester focused on mapping buildings in Trinidad. The mapathon will run concurrently from 1 Sept through the Geography2050 symposium in November.

US-based Teacher Fellows & students will map buildings in the vicinity of the University’s campus in St. Augustine, Trinidad using remote mapping techniques. Meanwhile, students in Trinidad will use field mapping techniques to refine the map data, ‘tagging’ the buildings to reflect their use (e.g. supermarkets, book stores, addresses, etc.). The mapping will occur concurrently, so we’ll have opportunities to have some academic exchanges using open mapping as our medium.

The Mapathon will begin in September and continue until mid-November.

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Why join this Mapathon?
  • Contribute to updating Trinidad’s National Building Layer 
  • Engaging exercise to begin “thinking geographically”
  • Contribute to data used in various humanitarian efforts
  • Learn about the varied landscapes of other areas in the world
  • International, collaborative, hands-on project

How To Participate:
  • Sign up for OpenStreetMap account, if you or your students don’t already have one. Pick your mapping username and be prepared to check your email for the verification.
  • If your students are new to OpenStreetMap, please set aside 30-60 minutes to have your students take the Walkthrough on the iD editor.
  • Refer to this pamphlet for a step-by-step guide to adding Buildings to OSM.
  • Once your students have a firm understanding of the process, choose a class or school #hashtag (6 characters or more) for your team so we can total your contributions (#nerdherd, #MashpeeFalcon1, #mapmonsters etc.)
  • Have your students Sign Up for the Mapathon and agree to the contract no later than September 14th.
  • Select your pre-made Mapping Task from the TeachOSM Task Manager (see below for project links)
  • Now you can start mapping buildings!
  • Map as much as you like. Map every day, or just once a week. Commit to as much as you’d like. 

At the end of the mapping period, we’ll summarize the results of all the participating student mappers so they can visualize the impact of their mapping! Happy Mapping!

Supplemental Materials

– Mapathon Intro & How-To 
– Sign Up Form + Contract


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