May Mapathon

Join the AGS Mapathon this May:  Mapping in Rural Romania

Put the post-APHG exam time to good use by DOING geography! How? Map with schools around the nation as we focus on a humanitarian open mapping event this May. You and your students can help flood-recovery efforts by mapping buildings in rural areas of Romania. We are offering this exclusive and exciting opportunity to all of our Geography Teacher Fellows and we look forward to your shared enthusiasm and contribution.

The Mapathon will begin right after the AP Human Geography Exam, May 15 and end on June 8.

Sign Up Here!

Why join this Mapathon?
  • Engage your students with fun, real-world mapping experience
  • Contribute to data used for humanitarian efforts
  • Interactively learn about a different area and way of life
  • Utilize post-exam class time in a creative and stimulating way

How To Participate:
  • Sign up for OpenStreetMap account, if you or your students don’t already have one. Pick your mapping username and be prepared to check your email for the verification.
  • Choose a #hashtag for your school’s team so we can total up your contributions (#nerdherd, #MashpeeFalcon1 etc.)
  • Have your students Sign Up for the Mapathon and agree to the contract no later than May 14th.
  • If your students are new to OpenStreetMap, please set aside 30 minutes to have your students take the Walkthrough on the iD editor.
  • Refer to this pamphlet for a How-To refresher.
  • Select your pre-made Mapping Task from the TeachOSM Task Manager (see below for Links)
  • Now you can start mapping buildings!
  • Map as much as you like. Map every day, map once. Commit to only as much as you’d like.
  • *Special Technical Challenge:  Align roads with imagery to improve accuracy.
  • If you are interested in this special challenge, please write to me, ( or Steven Johnson (

At the end of the mapping period, we’ll summarize the results of all the participating student mappers so they can visualize the impact of their mapping! Happy Mapping!

Supplemental Materials

– Mapathon Intro & How-To 
– Sign Up Form + Contract


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