What is FOCUS?

After 60 years of publishing a printed version of FOCUS on Geography, AGS decided to harness the Web to relaunch a new digital version of FOCUS in July 2016 as a means to serve the interests of our affiliates, subscribers, and the geographically passionate public. FOCUS on Geography provides a space for geographers to showcase their work in a multi-media and interactive format. The revamped journal has three distinct elements: Feature Articles, Photo Essays, and Geo Quizzes.
We know that Geography Teachers are always looking for ways to align real-world events and examples with the AP Human Geography curriculum – for that reason, we’ll be aligning our FOCUS articles with Units of the AP Curriculum. You’ll receive new FOCUS updates as they are published on the FOCUS website!

To visit the full FOCUS on Geography website, click here.

Why use FOCUS?
  • Real-world examples to relate to curriculum
  • Re-instill core geo-principles during review time
  • Extra teaching material when you’ve run out of options!
  • Interactive way to engage classroom with geo-quizzes

How-To: Use FOCUS in Your Classroom


FOCUS for your classroom!

Feature Articles gives a geographic perspective on current events, or based on geographic research.

Photo Essays visually rich essays around fieldwork or a geographic topic of broad interest.

Geo Quizzes quizzes to test your knowledge on a specific topic.