MemberPlanet Instructions

Instructions for Using Memberplanet

If you are having trouble navigating the Memberplanet website as you try to join the AGS please follow the instructions below.

After clicking “Join” for your chosen Affiliate status under “Individual Affiliation” on AGS’ website, the Memberplanet website will open. At this point, follow these instructions:

Step 1: Fill out your personal information under the “Create Account” section on the left of the page.

Step 2: Click “Create my account.”

Step 3: You will now be prompted to update your profile on MemberPlanet. We do not require you to provide any information other than your email. However, if you wish, you can fill out all, or some, components here. We would love to get to know you more!

Step 4: Click Continue.

Step 5: Add any additional information that you would like to share. Such as, if you identify Dr., Ms., Mrs., Ph.D, etc.

Step 6: Click Continue.

Step 7: Choose the Affiliate level you desire. There are detailed descriptions and prices for each level. Once chosen, your total at the bottom of the page will reflect the desired level.

Step 8: When you have decided which level you would like to join AGS as, click continue.

Step 9: Enter in your payment information. When you are finished, click continue.

Step 10: Done! A confirmation email will be delivered to your inbox.