The American Geographical Society’s (AGS) main online Publications are FOCUS on Geography, and our journal, the Geographical Review (GR). Visit their websites to read the full articles. FOCUS on Geography continues in the tradition of the original paper magazine but in a more dynamic and interactive format. This peer-reviewed digital publication includes Feature Articles, Photo Essays, and Geo Quizzes. The Geographical Review  is AGS’ flagship publication succeeding the Bulletin – a periodical devoted to scientific geography and a repository of much of the work of importance done in exploration and research in this country. You can also find Geographical Review Article Previews in a digestible format almost anyone can enjoy on our blog, UBIQUE. While you’re there, make sure to check out DailyGeo, a short news blast in which we show the ubiquitous nature of geography driving current news stories.

UBIQUE, meaning everywhere in Latin, is one of the oldest phrases tied to the history of the American Geographical Society. It represents our presence throughout the country and the world, and also represents the sphere of Geography itself. On UBIQUE you will be able to learn about the happenings of the Society, our monthly Newsletter, Map of the Week, Company and not-for-profit Spotlights, article previews from our journal, the Geographical Review (GR), the DailyGeo archive, and Connect2Conserve (C2C).