Teacher Fellows Program Activities & Events


AGS is committed to furthering geographic learning and providing materials based on teachers’ needs.  As part of the Geography Teacher Fellow Initiative, AGS composed targeted activities throughout the year to help teachers incorporate geographic and geospatial tools that complement the AP Human Geography curriculum into their classes that are otherwise not readily available to them.  

Introducing the 2018 AGS-TeachOSM Great County Mapping Challenge!



Basic Geographic Information Systems/Science (GIS) application skills have increasingly become essential in many fields related to geography. AGS, partnered with TeachOSM (OpenStreetMap), provides Teacher Fellows with the opportunity to take part in a series of fun and informative web-mapping webinars aimed at offering teachers a foundation in map building skills they can incorporate in the classroom.

Over the summer, teachers have the opportunity to take part in a series of webinars that introduce them to open source GIS and trains them in basic web mapping techniques. TeachOSM provides an ongoing scaffolding to support students and educators. In addition to the summer webinars, TeachOSM has provided lesson plan modules specifically designed to align with the APHG curriculum, so that teachers are prepared to design different projects that integrate web-mapping techniques for their students

TeachOSM takes what can be an intimidating application to approach, and creates fun and accessible lessons so that teachers walk away excited about the knowledge they can pass on to their students.

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